When Patrick Lost Lisa


作者:S. R. Griffith[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-934925-49-2; 978-1-60860-587-3;


Patrick’s world centers around his sister Lisa. He looks up to her and she is his best friend. But when Lisa suddenly kills herself without explanation, Patrick finds himself spiraling downward into a whirlwind of blame and self doubt.

  • Chapter 1The Funeral(p.9)
  • Chapter Two Lisa’s Secret Friend(p.17)
  • Chapter Three A Recent Past Not Yet Forgotten(p.32)
  • Chapter Four Note to Self – She Had Brown Eyes(p.42)
  • Chapter Five Sally From the Start(p.50)
  • Chapter Six Wet Words Flow So Much Better(p.58)
  • Chapter Seven The Cemetery Scare(p.70)
  • Chapter Eight The Unraveling of Michael Brown(p.80)
  • Chapter Nine Relapses(p.93)
  • Chapter Ten Forgive Me(p.107)
  • Chapter Eleven The End(p.119)
  • Epilogue Lisa’s Last Letter(p.125)